LoveLoud is the missional arm of r306. We mobilize the saints for the work of the ministry both globally, and locally. The global vein of r306 is planning a return trip to West Africa in May 2019. Please contact us for more information about our local and global mission opportunites. KaRon uses his athletic background to help churches reach their communites through sports, and other outreach ministry opportunities.

Pastor Coleman has served the local church now in three different states, and three different contexts. His personal ministry has evolved based on the context, but his heart for the people continues to burn bright. Pastor Coleman has learned from a lot of great leaders in his training, while also holding two leadership degrees which has fueled his passion for leadership even more. Pastor Coleman would love to help your church or organization as a consultant through his leadership matters institute. Pastor Coleman becomes your leadership coach, and he will help you with personal and organizational development.

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